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Event production is constantly changing and for that reason, LW Special Events Management is here!  With our many business community workshops, it helps us stay up-to-date on the current trends and the culture of the customer. It is the mission of our company to create an “experience” for clients and give you ideas for your corporate event, and ideas for your fundraising event. Our customary systems and procedures ensure structure from start to end with our event pro strategies.  At LW Special Events Management, we understand that a strategic and managed event can help an organization get better tactical vision, stay within their financial plan, and create networks.  We take pride in our event management strategies.

One Company’s Challenge:  “It was their First Conference with Three Months to Do it In:” This organization wanted to put together a “Farewell Event” for the 200 ladies who were part of the organization for 15 years.  With a tight budget, they still wanted to have an event that was phenomenal and beautiful.

The Solution:Show the excellence of a woman’s touch, with a theme of Appreciation, Fun, and Sisterhood:”  We found the perfect venue and negotiated a great price.  We then connected with one of our floral designers, to keep it “female savvy,”  and our brand product vendor gave us a great deal on memorable journals as gifts for each attendee.  We developed a strategy for easy registration for an audience that was not so computer-savvy, created an e-mail marketing campaign, and handled all the logistics for the day.  To top it off, we stayed within budget!

That is just one challenge and solution!   Depending on your project, we develop strategies once listening to your vision.  We have the logistical know-how to create an event, whether it be a conference, workshop, launch, gathering, or job fair, from start to finish.

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    Our mission is to create an atmosphere of learning for corporate customers as well as business builders whose focus is profit acceleration. Also to provide the maximum in event planning.

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