Monthly Archives: January 2015

What does your reputation say about you?

When people talk about you and trust me, They Are and WILL!, what are they saying and thinking?  When people need or desire what you have to offer, how do YOU get them to think of you first instead of someone else?  The answer lies in personal reputation.In order to be the “Go To” professional for what you do, you must create, build and sustain the best name possible for yourself.  Now, there will be times when people will throw “shade” or negativity, but in those times, you’re going to have to evaluate, ask yourself was there something more you could have done and if so, improve.  However, there will be times when you simply will have folks who don’t like you.  In those times, allow your good character to precede you and shake it OFF!The older I become, the more and more I think about all the things my late father taught me.  There were simple words he would speak and for us siblings, we are so reminded of his wisdom.  Words like:  “It’s coming up again” or “everything shining ain’t gold”  or “just like water runs off a duck’s back, so will you have to with people and words”, meaning nothing is really hidden, everything that looks good on the outside isn’t necessarily good on the inside and some things you can’t take personal.
YOUR CALL TO ACTION:   Today I challenge all of us to improve right where we are.   Don’t try to run a fast race but take baby steps to get you where you know you need to be and do.  You’re going to run into some obstacles, some situations and will have some failures but that’s okay, simply SHAKE IT OFF AND GET BACK UP!    That is the REPUTATION you want!  The little engine that could!