Monthly Archives: March 2015

Have you become Numb?

numbOften I wonder if we’re becoming numb to the human touch, the social gathering, getting dressed up to spend time with friends and colleagues.  Do you think we’re becoming numb to it?

As an event producer, I’ve seen it first hand how powerful it is to be in an atmosphere with people who think like me and where we can gather information together.  The vibe is so strong that I’ve seen connections made, deals made, smiles, laughter and high energy; one reason why The LIST Tour and Workshops were created.  Though we enjoy and must have webinars and teleconference calls, let’s not forget the experience of gathering together in “real” time.

This week, make sure you get out, mix and mingle with others; it’s really okay to put down the phone…you never know who could be standing right in front of you to change your life….forever!


Jay Z and Beyonce nurtured that!

nurtureEvery morning I try my best to be still once I wake up and allow God to speak to me before I make sudden moves; that was not always the case.  As I meet people, read articles, see posts on social media, I’m recognizing that many of us don’t maximize our time because we’re not developing relationships.   How many times do we post and not engage with others or simply “like” what they say on Google Plus, Retweet a friend’s Twitter, etc?  In this day and age, it’s not enough to simply have book smarts and be on the grind, it is a must to develop and nurture relationships.

I took out time the other day to read up on Jay Z and Beyonce.  I found out they had a relationship that developed out of a respect for the others gift in artistry; there was something in common.  What happened is that respect for one another, developed into a friendship and then a friendship which was nurtured.   Whether people believe it is real or not, they “work” and are very successful at what they do individually and collectively.  The outcome was “Maximized.”

Jay Z also challenged Beyonce, he believed in her success, like a mentor.  To you—-make sure when you look at a mentor, make sure he/she takes time to know you well; I prefer it that way myself.  I personally need someone who is able to understand me, who will give me honest feedback and someone I trust; trust is so essential.

So today, your assignment is to really begin nurturing relationships; check up on others, send a post on their social media page, pick up the phone and call them.  When seeking out a mentor, take your time and watch them for a while, make sure they operate in integrity, are honest, tailored to fit what you need, have the same type of energy, core values and operate in a place of love.