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Arms Locked… Let’s SHIFT!

thelisttourspotlightlwWe are shifting! We are creating our success story.  

With the level of blaze that we’ve seen in the individual lives of entrepreneurs since the inception of THE LIST TOUR, I’m ENCOURAGED more than ever to provide more ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUPPORT to mold our business and success as respected individuals impacting a community!

That’s why on September 19th, we’re mandating THE SHIFT to entrepreneurs who are ready to use what’s in their HAND and Master IT!

This One-Day Intimate and Interactive SHIFT will bring the teachers to give you the tools to propel SELF + BUSINESS success!

  • Get people wanting what you have to offer and invest in your product and/or service… because you are an EXPERT at what you do and give!
  • How to “package” your knowledge into a high-value, big-benefit message that easily positions you to sell many clients every time!
  • Identify the ‘sweet spot’ of your knowledge that gives PEOPLE WHAT THEY REALLY WANT.

 THE FACT IS … In this very moment, someone is looking for you…

 If you want to leverage your time and build a branded empire around your expertise, there are three things you must master.

These three things are…

  • How to be Relevant!
  • How to Create demand for your products + your services!
  • How to Influence people to want to do business with you, buy your products and join your community!

This is so real for me. The joy I get is to work with entrepreneurs and business owners, to inspire, set platforms and guide in a live setting.

Why?  Because …

  • The personal engagement is powerful
  • The people attending are open and receptive and inspired
  • The energy is focused, intentional and highly creative
  • The collaborative possibilities are unlimited and EXCELLENT!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join me along with respected instructors who will be there. From our experience,  the way you see the real power of your business will never be the same!
Let’s SHIFT!


LaTonya Washington, Founder The LIST Tour