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Are you global ready?

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In our time of “Shifting,” as an entrepreneur and/or business owner, you’re going to have to know when it’s your time to unleash your creativity, your voice, your sound.

None of us are here by accident.  You’re called to contribute to this world and prosper… whether you recognize it or not.  The question is:  are you ready to leave your current territory to expansion?  With the way modern technology is, it has given you an open door to hit all areas of the world.  The only thing is, you have to know how to.

In our initiative, we choose to not leave anyone behind who chooses to PURSUE their goals and aspirations.   Let’s IMPACT the WORLD together!   Our Team of Phenomenal instructors are here for you!

You ready to be in the SPOTLIGHT?  You can….who got NEXT?  Get Registered!

With the help or our collaborative partners, Events In the City, Flourishe Media Group, H2E Promotions, Inside Purpose, Celebrity Events by Makena and our media sponsors, we assist in your EXPANSION!

This is Our Time, Our Season, Our Environment…   #YearofTheShift

LaTonya Washington, Event Director
LW Special Events Management