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What’s Distracting You

There are so many things in LIFE that can distract our direction, take away our attention and try it’s best to take us off focus.  If you’re like me,  I can literally be focused in on sending off an e-mail, the phone rings and instead of finishing the e-mail, I answer the phone and now my time-management is altered.  The good news is, even with the momentarily distraction,  I can get back on track.  I make the choice to stay true to the boundaries, otherwise I’m completely out of whack.  Because let’s face it, something always happens, but it does not have to hinder us.

This past weekend, we had a SHIFT in Columbus, Ohio at The LIST Tour and it was life-changing for so many.  We’re still hearing reports!  Our job now is to maintain accountability so they don’t lose focus on the big picture. This is why we stay connected weekly within our private group on Facebook or our tele-conference calls that will begin in July.

This week, let’s do this so we develop habits of prosperity:  Don’t rush from one goal to another, concentrate on getting the first one done.  Let’s let go of the stress, the struggle by not overwhelming ourselves.  Let’s enjoy moments of action, the fact that we have air to breathe and it’s another day to ACHIEVE!

Do see our upcoming sessions and The LIST Tour LA.  Don’t delay, get plugged in!  Simply click on the link and see all the things we have for you!

This is Our Time, Our Season, Our Environment…

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LaTonya Washington, Event Director
LW Special Events Management

Advancement Will Require Investment

Investing In the Right Places

As a business owner, I’ve learned quite a few things in my time span.. one key was “in order for me to make money, I was going to have to spend money.”  Not only was I going to have to spend money, I would spend time learning, networking and traveling.

There were times when I made terrible decisions and lost money, then there were times when I strategically made the investment and came out on top. It was those times when the growth came.  I believe we are gifted with multiple streams of income and you just have to tap into them.  Start one and master it; then begin the next.  Before you know it, you will have multiple streams, products and/or services.


  • Invest in a mentor.  You will need someone who you can bounce ideas off of and guidance. Wise counsel will make or break you.
  • Attend events and gatherings.   This is your blood line and key to you becoming a player in the industry.  I’ve met a many people who helped me to the next level just by attending a workshop.

Always remember, it’s okay to #SHIFT!

This is Our Time, Our Season, Our Environment…   #YearofTheShift

LaTonya Washington, Event Director
LW Special Events Management