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Culture of the Unstoppable Person

How often do you come to a block or obstacle in your life and either it invokes fear or stops you dead in your tracks?  How often have you called a friend or colleague to talk to about the block, bring that  listening ear but for some reason, they don’t answer their phone or can’t talk long?  Lift that hand high!  Rest assure, we’ve all experienced it and here lies the FORK IN THE ROAD! …..either that block will keep you from moving forward or you will put on that Superman cape and bust through.  Superman was unstoppable until he got close to that Kryptonite!

There will be moments in time where you won’t be able to speak to anyone.  There will be moments in your life where your “thorn in the flesh” will always raise it’s head and try its best to take you under or remind you of why you can’t do what you know you’re called to.  This is where you will learn who you really are; whether you are the type of person who takes obstacles, deals with the challenge and pushes through OR sit down, become a victim of circumstance and continue in a vicious cycle of Woe-is-Me!  Aren’t you Tired!?

Remember, everyone has some Kryptonite in their life.  Your job is to develop the mindset that it will not take you under!  Remember God is always looking for an opportunity to get us to Himself to speak to our Spirit Man and help us.   Will you open up your ear to listen?

I encourage you TODAY to continue to BET on yourself!

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This is Our Time, Our Season, Our Environment…   #YearofTheShift

LaTonya Washington, Event Director
LW Special Events Management