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You and Me Make Three, The Builders

businessbuilder1Today was one of those days where I tried to stick to my schedule but my day just didn’t want to get in line.  You know what I mean?  Then I thought, “I can forward more of this stuff over to my assistant”… at that point I laughed at myself –  like she didn’t have enough on her plate, especially with these Business Building Webinars coming up!   It ain’t easy being GREEN!  But it sure is LIBERATING!

Right about now, I’m a little more focused in late afternoon, already knowing it will probably go into late  evening before I finish up what I said I would get done today.  But as I ate lunch, I realized there are so many aspiring business builders out there that are really trying to make things happen solo.  … why do so many try to make it solo?  It’s because of these reasons:

  • They don’t trust others with their vision
  • They don’t know what it is they want to do so playing with the clutter in their head
  • They feel they don’t have the money to get help
  • They are downright depressed

At the end of the day, none of us can reach our goals alone.  There will come a time where you will need to share them with others you trust and respect, even with those who are going on the same path of business-building.  There will be those who will go as slow as a snail and others who will run a quick race.  Never you mind that, you just surround yourself with others with the mindset to BUILD!   Whether it is your own personal BRAND, your company or event coming up, do know there are people around you willing and able to help, just seek and you will find.

Create Your Environment!


LaTonya Washington, CEO LW Special Events Management

“We’ve Created a Culture for the Business Builder”

We still do business with real life people

networkingHow many times have you gone to a networking event and all you see are people walking around passing out their business cards?  I mean for me, it becomes very obvious that before they left home, their mind was set on “I’m going to give my business cards out to the first 100 people who give me eye contact…focus..focus..focus!”   With that type of mindset, it is obvious that they really are not there to develop relationships, but to get others to purchase what they have to offer.   Well, let me share something with you… THEY’RE NOT!  People do business with those they develop relationships with…and please please develop some Customer Service Skills!

Even when it comes to social media, if I read an article on Forbes and it is educational and gives me what I need, I really have developed a “relationship with them.”  I look forward to what they have to say as they’ve become credible.  I have fallen in love with Video Marketing too!  We are very visual and it is the way marketing has gone for the B2B.  (Join us for Video Marketing for Business at Microsoft on Wednesday!)

Same things goes with us.  We have blood flowing through our bodies and we are “relational beings.”   Even when it boils down to content and the words that come out of our mouths, it will either repel people from us or attract them to us.  words

Always remember, we are real life people, who want real life relationships, you live in a Real World that does business DAILY!




LaTonya “LW” Washington is the CEO of LW Special Events Management

Founder of The LIST and Real Talk the Movement


Who Decides Your Value

Who really decides your value?

Right about now, your neck may be rolling and the words coming out of your mouth are….”I DECIDE MY VALUE!”   My question to you is….really… says who?  Before you snap on me, lol, let me take you here.  Today, I’m not talking about you as an individual, but as what you give out to others, albeit your service, your product, etc.  So in that regard, you don’t decide your value, others or your audience does.

If I am an educator, though me as an educator is valuable in what I represent and bring to the table, if it does not meet your need or desire where you are now, it’s of no value to you.  If I’m a jeweler, I have items for sale and want you to purchase, how do I convey my message to you?

  • A.  The best jewelry at the most reasonable price
  • B.  Shop online, don’t stand in a long lines 
  • C.  The bling that keeps you happy

So what’s the right line?   I can’t say.   I have to throw it out there and see which line resonates with the audience before me.   It could be all of the above (nugget – a taste of marketing 101).

Can you be all things to all people?   Maybe so, maybe no.  Remember that value is a goal.  Whether it is to reach many people at their touch point, or just a niche group.

At the end of the day, you will provide value to someone.  How do you know you will?  by their engagement or action, i.e. a follow, a purchase, a comment.   You’ll know.