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The House that YOU Built

What’s In Your House?


I’m a dreamer, I’m talking about I have dreams that I literally would see come true.  I find I really dream when I’m going through something or I’m in search of an answer.  In my dreams, there are times when I see a house.  That house represents me.  The house that LaTonya Built – the Good, the Bad and sometimes… the UGLY!

We all are in search of something.  The soul and the spirit want what they want…an experience, an encounter.   Though we now hind behind our computers and cell phones, our soul still wants intimacy and connection.  This is one reason why I’ve developed smaller workshops so attendees can encounter intimacy and connection with others and it’s WORKING!

The question is…. “what type of house have you built?”  Have you built a brick house that will not allow anyone in, though solid?  How about a glass house where everyone can see everything going on with you?  I want you to take a minute and think about it, what house have you built?

As aspiring business building entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and leaders, remember there is power in our thoughts to change our life and the lives of others.  When you make a decision to go to the next level, to create your environment permanently, it always starts with a baby step, a temporary change.

So this week, if you know you need to,  begin brushing away the things that are toxic to your house.  Let’s begin to think of ways to solidify our foundation. I can’t wait to see ..The House that YOU Built.

Let’s Finish Strong!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management

The Golden Ticket Given to You at Birth

The Gold given to you at Birth

Time to CASH IN!

golden ticketJust like me,  I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question or have been asked.. “how do I know my purpose?”
It is obvious to me that if the question continues to be asked, people are having a difficult time figuring it out.  That’s okay!  The cares of LIFE can have us topsy turvy so often, that we are putting out fires more than walking on water; thereby not focusing in on our talents — the reason why I am so passionate about business building entrepreneurs like you.

One thing I’ve discovered is that when I, LaTonya Washington, made a decision to allow my life to align with what I’ve been called to, it became clear and allowed me to prosper from.  What we were given at birth, I call it “the golden egg”… the ability to make others feel good, the skill to fix things, the gift to teach, the love of nature, the gift to create were not given by happenstance, no no beloved, they were gifted to you to create an environment where great money is made.

Our job is to walk in that environment, get focused, learn through structure and obtain information.

So I’m going to say to you…, LET’S DO THIS!  You have been given the golden egg, so let’s make the GOLD and learn about the 7 Laws of Wealth and Prosperity during our global webinar, November 17th 11:00am or November 18th 6:30 pm with instructor, Dawn Osborne.

All we Do is Win Win Win!! 

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management