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You need coins for your venture… “Let’s get them!”

Let’s Get those Coins!” coins

When I first started doing events, I lost so much money it was ridiculous!  Though the attendees enjoyed themselves and received what they needed, I got no sleep because I was left with a deficit.

We all know that when you begin a business, you’re not going to profit for a few years because you’re going to have to put back into your business, but that wasn’t putting back into my business, that’s what you call… LOSING!   So, I had to learn to play smarter and “position” myself.  I then started getting capital and continue to get capital!

As aspiring business building entrepreneurs and business professionals, you need those coins to get your product off the ground and to get your venture moving.  You also need to pay yourself.  To you who are planning events, sign-up here for a free 30 minute consultation — I DO NOT want to see you lose; you should always consult with and take notes from a seasoned planner.

To get those coins, this is what you need to do first:

  • Do a small gathering or event that does not require a lot of money. Also begin to strategically use social media; these both develop trails that are visible.  Potential sponsors and investors want to know that you have a track record and need to see consistency.  Trust me, they want to give you money, whether you do events, have a book, are a brand, have a ministry, etc., but they also want to make sure they are getting something in return.
  • Go Local and open up the doors.  I can guarantee you have friends who own a business, old friends you went to church or college with, even work with who would be willing to invest in you privately because they know you and see your efforts.  They may not be able to give you a lot, but something is always better than nothing!
  • After you begin to develop that track record, you can begin going after bigger funds.  This will require developing sponsorship packages, levels, pitch letters, etc.  For that, you will need help.   I learned from one of the best, Linda Hollander, and now I’ve been off to the races ever since!  Don’t get it twisted… It was WORK!” but once done, it became my pride and joy!   Many of you fail because your packaging is wrong and you don’t know how to develop a proper pitch letter.  Stop going in blind and get HELP!  Billions upon billions of dollars await you but first things first… get grounded.

On that note alone I want to thank all of our SPONSORS and friends who have invested.   In this season of giving, I’m going to GIFT one person with developing their sponsorship packet (it ain’t easy being green).  Conditions:  You MUST be REGISTERED for the Prosperity Workshop and you MUST have a legitimate business.  The drawing will be made at the workshop.

Once again, don’t let those “coins” pass you by!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management

You Agitate Me!

Forever Disrupting! agitator

When I came to California from the Great State of Ohio, my immediate family and close friends really did not want to see me go so far away.  But what’s a girl to do when her then hubby’s job relocates?   I mean after all,  we were young, adventurous and “I go where he goes.”

I never knew I would be here, right now, in this moment in time.  No longer married but yet making Waves and Disrupting the Mindset of those who Aspire to Inspire.  You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me I agitate them but after all said and done, they are grateful!  Even with the Prosperity Workshop a few weeks ago in San Diego, we had to “shake it up” —- now headed to Los Angeles January 27th to shake it up MORE!   You can Register Now and the first 5 will receive a FREE Exclusive GIFT from me and can bring a friend for FREE!

So now, how many people have you agitated and caused a disruption in the norm for their good?  I know I have coaches and mentors who agitate me on the regular!   People get very uncomfortable with change or when someone comes along and challenges them, but something had to disrupt your mindset to get you to change!

As we get closer to the New Year!  I challenge you to Disrupt and Agitate the status quo.  Anything worth fighting for, does not come easy, it requires work, commitment and consistency.   You can do it!  You can stay the course and finish STRONG!

Do Register today for the Prosperity Workshop where you will Create your Award Winning Prosperity Plan, step-by-step and bring a friend for FREE!  This offer is only valid until December 19, 2015!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management

Never compare yourself to another’s LEAP but you better LEAP!

You LEAPING?leapfish

If you are like me, I, at times, can be a control freak.  I think  many of us have “control issues”, and that’s okay, as long as we don’t let the control take over.  We do have to operate in humility.

I’ve learned that with expansion in business and life, it requires a change in mindset and will require that we LEAP!  Either it will be a baby leap, or it is going to be a major LEAP!  In this act of moving, you are going to have to be willing to let go of the control and operate in FAITH!  Also never compares yourself to someone else’s leap but allow it to inspire you and let you know it is possible; you have no idea what they had to go through within to get to where they are now.

Try your best not to concern yourself with the pace of your LEAP, but focus in on your movement in the right direction.  Go within and look at the changes occurring on the inside – because “YOU” is sometimes the hardest work.

I believe in accountability, which is why The LIST is built on this and why we consistently account for and inspire one another with our groups, workshops and one-on-one connections.  We are a “Movement of LEAPERS!”   We are a movement of Mission-Driven entrepreneurs and business owners!  We are… SUCCESS!

This week, make sure you focus in on your plan for business, life and ministry.  I’m sure there is something you need to conquer to take you to the next goal.  Do it!  If you need me, simply call!

You LEAP and Finish Strong okay?

Registration is Now Open For The LIST Tour 2016!  I see some of your have already REGISTERED!   Awesome!!!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management