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Winning is a Habit, but so is losing…

How Many Times?

How many times have you heard of the necessity in having a business plan?  I mean I’ve seen them range from 20 pages to 100 pages.  That’s a lot of work and costly too, especially if you have a professional doing one for you.  Now, Real Talk!  Who will remember all that stuff and I don’t know about you, but I personally needed a condensed version.

So I’m curious, do you have one and if so, how often do you look at it?  For the most part, IF you have one, it more than likely is sitting on a shelf or inside a box.  Can I get an Amen!?!?!

Though I believe in the necessity of a business plan, I also believe to help me develop a habit of consistency, I needed three simple Key Elements on a sheet of paper:  A Prosperity Plan.  A Quarterly Plan.  Daily Metrics.  When I sat down and derived what I needed from these, they took LIFE and became power and success in my hand!   My life took a turn when I developed my very own and your life can too with its development and execution.   Which is why I did not want to keep the knowledge just for me, I want you to have it too and you can just by getting registered here for the  Prosperity Workshop!

Have you heard of Brian Scudamore who made $1 billion with a fishing pole and a dream.  One day he went fishing and while waiting for the fish to bite, he began to daydream about how he could change the world by being a junk man.  He put down that pole and began to write a few things on paper.  His why, his what and his measurements.  Well, you may not know the name but I’m sure you’ve heard of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Prosperity Plans are real and that’s why we’ve this workshop up for you to create your very own in the Los Angeles area at Microsoft Wesfield.  We will take you step-by-step in creating your Masterpiece and I will show you how I did my very own.  The class in San Diego are happy campers!

So no more Russian Roulette with your life!  Let’s develop your Game Plan!   Anything worth something requires work, commitment and consistency.   You can do it!  You can stay the course and finish STRONG!

Do Register today for the Prosperity Workshop

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management