Monthly Archives: February 2016

Do you Dummy Down?

blackworkingwomanThis past weekend, I had the privilege of facilitating Real Talk the Movement San Diego where over 70 professional men and women came TOGETHER to discuss situations in dating and relationship.

The room was filled with communication, enlightenment, sharing and laughter.  I say to YOU, Never Be Afraid to Be Yourself!  Even as we embark on the Valentine’s Day Event Cupid Shuffle Mix & Mingle (speed dating), be open, be okay with your truth.  If you feel like you have to hide the real you, evaluate yourself and get free.  REGISTER Right Now  because we want to make sure our ratio of men to women is sufficient!

It is a time for love, yes, but it’s also a time for reflection. Remember that, even if you’re single, you can still enjoy a night out with newbies!   Click here and get registered!  We have a great night planned for you!  Make sure you stop over at the Photo Booth and see Sponsor, Caught Up in the Moment for fun and memories!

Be Love!

LaTonya “LW” Washington