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You ready for your BIG Gathering?


How many of you have put on a workshop, a retreat, a conference or a party and wanted to pull the hair out your head during the process? Whether it is successful or not by your standards, I’ve seen a many missing ingredient.   That is…”drum roll please”.. people not clear of their job duties, not having a heart of servitude,  problems with self motivation and not knowing how to stay in their lane. There is so much more, but this is major in order for you to rid yourself of as much stress as possible.  As an event planner, statistics show that we rank #5 as having the most stressful job in the nation.  So go hug an Event Planner today!

So for your next big day,  unless you are doing a simple function with just a few people, know you need help!  Also know you need to have great customer care!  Click our link for more details on that one and if you need help, let us help you.   Make sure event help comes from capable beings, those who possess your core values and are willing to work!  Otherwise, you will be picking up the pieces or becoming overwhelmed.

I love what I do and am a veteran at it!  You got questions?  Feel free to contact me for a FREE 30 minute consult.  I want to see you successful!  Email me at or call me at 323.448.0784.

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LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management

Beyonce Started It

Beyonce at SuperbowlWhether you believe it or not, we live in a world that is run by power and those coins.  Though that is the case, I do feel this is the best time in the lives of the business-savvy woman and man who understands their worth and are willing to jump into the deep.  It is our right to have a piece of this pie!

I want to encourage you to take the plunge and stay the course.   As the business owner of LW Special Events Management and Founder of The LIST Tour,I’ve faced a many challenges, obstacles and opposition.  Foot, I’ve even been told to QUIT!  Don’t think it strange that as you grow, opposition comes your way – there is purpose in your come up!  Recognize you can’t do everything alone and will need others to support, encourage and help you do the work.  You have been gifted to Slay your Giant(s).  Believe in yourself!   With social media, the world is your stomping ground!

The goal for you in life is always to become better, to be happy, to be fulfilled.  Make sure your check you Form-A-Tion (form-a-nation) and align yourself with the right people!  It is critical to your success!

Formation Time!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management