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Prince the Brand LIVES ON!

princeWhen the news came of the passing of this ICON, everyone around the world was in shock and confused.  It was so unexpected.  But we all immediately went to the music he produced, hit after hit after hit.  I mean this man was an Artist!  He was known for his artistic style and creativity and that will never go away… he made us think, he made us feel good.

It made me think about what will people remember me as when I’m gone.  Money won’t matter, prestige will not matter, but what will matter is my character and the lives touched….that’s my BRAND!  So, what will people remember you as when you’re gone?

This is your challenge to make everyday count like it’s the last day of your life!  Make sure you develop a character that when you’re gone, your BRAND will speak for itself!  and that’s a GOOD BRAND!

Pay It Forward!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management

Do you treat your client meetings like a Date?

clientmeetingIf you’re like me, many of my new clients find me on a social media network or at a function.  Though I’m very cautious,  I still maintain my initial impression of being cordial.

Once the way looks clear (after some questioning) and I’ve assessed they are serious about what they are looking for, the initial meeting is set.  Like a first date, that meeting is crucial in evaluating if I will pay it forward.

Did you know that initial client meetings are major in you gaining and retaining business?  How you treat the person across the table will inevitably impact their decision to develop a relationship with you.  For you, you need to evaluate if that person has your values and are serious about business—- is this client the best fit for you?  Is what they ask of you worth your time and will it generate profit…whether monetary or opportunity wise?  Time is a commodity and you don’t have time to waste, so be honest.

If you know you are not ready to do business, never put yourself out there in the marketplace, i.e., you don’t have a website, contracts, documents, business cards;  trust me, people are looking you up in the midst of your face-to-face conversation, just like dating… don’t go out there if you’re not ready.

We believe in your growth which is why we provide a culture for the business builder …. that’s YOU,  Test First Nameat our LIST Tour;  we want to make sure you have all your armour on during first IMPACT!  This weekend, our LIST Tour is in Houston, Texas and then Los Angeles, CA in September.  We want YOU!  Click right here and Register!  Our events are intimate and so our seating and vendorship is limited.

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Pay It Forward!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management

Key Points to Building Your Movement

movementphotoWhen you think about the word movement, what come to mind?  The Million Man March?  The Civil Rights Movement?  Often times, those are what people think of.

Movements aren’t only about marches, but about building sustainable organizations and themes that can get the solution you’re looking for.  Your  focus should be to solve a deep-rooted cultural or global problem, not because it’s the new “fad”.  Real Talk the Movement was founded by myself because I saw a lack of communication between the genders mixed with fear and trust issues.  I felt the need for resolving our issues and the need for healing in a face-to-face atmosphere so we can get back to authentic love and relationships.  I also saw the need for The LIST Tour in a smaller more intimate setting because after planning and/or going from conference to conference, I was caught up in the hype emotionally and when that feeling wore off, my hunger was not met. Because I know I wasn’t alone on this,  I saw the need to keeping us all accountable in a more intimate community.

If you have a heart-felt gnawing in your being for change,  it’s time for you to build your movement.  No need to compete, but you must do this:

  • Prepare/organize for a big change:  I’m sure your vision is there, but now know your mission, your why.  This is what will keep you going.
  • Bring  a team together:  It’s not always who we know, but you may need a diverse group of people depending on the mission.
  • Deep listening and collaboration:  When I started Real Talk the Movement, I did a lot of research, listened to men and women, used myself as a guinea pig on occasions, worked on myself, and still working on myself.
  • Consistency and sustainability through commitment, leadership and trust.  Movements that succeed are the ones that last for years.

So now, as you step into your mission, make sure you balance the need for short-term campaign wins with the long-term vision of the movement.  You can do this!

Feel free to contact me for a FREE 30 minute consult.  I want to see you successful!  Email me at or call me at 323.448.0784.

Slide your eyes over to the right and see what’s coming.  Get Registered!

Pay It Forward!

LaTonya “LW” Washington, CEO
LW Special Events Management