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Do I Really Need This?

latonyaphotoprofThis past month, with the death of my eldest brother I really got to thinking about all of the things in my life I was holding onto and really did not need. You see, my friend, life is too short to allow baggage to weigh us down.  Though I keep things organized, I still have a tendency to hold on to some things “just in case.”    I had to ask myself, “Do I really need this?  Will this help me in a productive way or is it simply in the way of the new things coming?   It took me to a video I did on the ways we become cluttered and nonproductive, and how to combat that.

We can also become emotionally attached to things in our lives that we need to rid ourselves of when it serves no purpose.  If you find yourself with negative self-talk, sabotage and in bad relationships, know you are great, you deserve to be happy and have an abundance of joy in your life.

So this is your day to say..”Do I Really Need ___________? (fill in the blank).  Learn to let go of the things you don’t need, can’t control, do not serve you purpose or bring you joy.

Stay positive and eliminate the negative!  Create Your Environment!

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