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Important Time in Our History


This is it, your chance to encounter the time of your life…

If you’re like me, we’re not people who procrastinate, but tend to be proactive. It is something that is innate for me, because I was gifted and worked on my skills as an event producer.

I’m extra excited this year, because The National LIST Tour, for the business builder, has added San Diego, Philadelphia and Atlanta to our line-up of Houston and Los Angeles, and also incorporated strategy sessions for entrepreneurs; I believe that people tend to pay attention even more when they are involved in a conversation, not a lecture.

We want you to travel along with us or meet us in one of these cities in 2017, beginning with San Diego in March of 2017. When I look back, I can’t believe what is happening! In the midst of it all, we continue to meet amazing people, have the opportunity to network with movers and shakers on top of learning!

Early Bird Registration is now OPEN for San Diego, CA; Houston, Tx; Philadelphia, PA; Atlanta, GA; and Los Angeles, CA! There will be a V.I.P breakfast, Young Entrepreneurs on the LIST for those creative minds ages 12 to 17, vendor and sponsorship opportunities.

We all have a Success Story! You ready to share it with the WORLD? Let’s GO! Click on the LINK and learn more!

LaTonya “LW” Washington
Founder of The National LIST Tour
Executive Director LW Special Events Management LLC
LW Academy for Empowerment

Mistaking Busy for Effectiveness

Just the other day, I had a conversation with a fellow colleague who talked on and on about a project they were working out, how much trouble they were having obtaining the desired outcome, and the frustration that was building up. I could relate, because I’ve been there before…. what about you? I’m sure we all have.

The problem with this is, many people mistakenly feel busy work is effective work; that is far from the truth. We can find ourselves trying to figure out how to market a campaign, sending out fliers, and posting on social media networks without focusing in on the type of people and activities that will likely produce the kind of results we want; we can spend so much of our time trying to find new relationships, and forgetting about nurturing current relationships. Footnote: “Connecting with people and organizations that we know always beats connecting with those we don’t know.” You never know who your current network knows! If you find yourself in this predicament begin developing activities such as small group gatherings, conference calls, sending an e-mail to your network, or stopping by a client’s office for a visit. Get very clear on what reaching your goals will do for your development.

To help you, ask yourself these questions?

  • What activity in the past 4 months was I engaged in that produced the results I needed?, i.e. visibility, referrals, goals met, profit
  • What activity in the past 4 months was I engaged in produced in-effective results? social media activity, busy work with no results, wrong collaborations, no profit, frustration?

Write down what works for you and make sure to stick to the plan. IF this plan does not work, go back and tweak, then see if this works for you.

LaTonya “LW” Washington,
Events Director of LW Special Events Management
Founder of The LIST Tour & LW Academy for Empowerment