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“Your Personality is Aligned with your Purpose” says Oprah

blog1Our Personality is Aligned to Our Purpose:   Oprah Winfrey has been around for a long time, and she continuously speaks truth and wisdom. I was reading through some articles just the other day and I came upon her speech at Stanford University as she spoke to the many “wet behind the ears”, I’d say, business students who would soon hit the market of Corporate America. She said to them, “I have always listened to my instincts from the very beginning.” Whether you call it your spirit or your soul, that was food for thought.

Many of us have a tendency to second guess ourselves when it comes to major decisions. We also have a tendency to ask others their opinion. That’s okay, as long as our final judgement call is not based solely on the voice of others. We must begin to become silent enough to listen to the voice that speaks to us, telling us exactly what to do. The more I found myself quieting down, the more I was able to think more clearly and in-depth; that is when I knew what Oprah meant when she said aligning our personality with our purpose. It never fails, who we are is was designed on Purpose, for Purpose.

It’s not often that we get the opportunity to be the presence of greatness, but when I do, I try my best to soak up all the wisdom coming forth from those who came before me. For me, going to nursing school right out of high school was what I was meant to do, because I remember at the age of 8, I began to say I want to be a nurse.” It wasn’t by accident that it came to me, because later on in life, though not in the nursing field, I took to the business arena and have a passion for people, seeing them succeed in business and become accelerators.

We all have a path, a journey that’s been carved out for us. Our job is simply to quiet ourselves enough to listen to the inner voice telling us, “this is who you are, now go out and serve… On Purpose!”

LaTonya Washington, Executive Director
LW Special Events Management and Founder of
The National LIST Tour