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How I Build a Business Community

You Need a Business Community Who Cares
from The Desk of
LaTonya “LW” Washington

Tell me, how often have you had that gnawing in your tummy urging you to start something that will beneficial to community as well as to yourself? Quiet as it is kept, most people have that feeling, but the majority will not take a leap to pursue. I am a strong believer that we were created with a talent(s) to create our wealth, that’s why we all have a passion for something, whether it is to turn into a business or just a hobby.

The people we surround ourselves with can effect our way of thinking and our doing. So creating a community of business-oriented individuals who think outside the box are essential to you staying encouraged, accountable and challenged. There is no way I would be where I am today if I was not surrounded by those who challenge me, understand my struggles, my victories, and keep me accountable. Not only that, they love me through my hurt and pain.

I never want to see you isolate yourself and I know it occurs, because there have been times when I just wanted to close all the curtains and do just that, but my “Ace” would not allow me to stay there. I want to remind you, that I am here, and want to see you successful in every aspect of your life.

This weekend starts the first leg of our National List Tour San Diego and you can only imagine how excited I am! Then off to Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles and in the fall of 2018, the Continent of Africa! If I had not taken a leap of faith, this yet would be just a dream.

Will you join me in one of these cities and build on our community? If not you, then WHO? If not now, then WHEN?

LaTonya “LW” Washington,
Founder of The International List Tour