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Called to Make a Difference

We are Called to Make a Difference

from The Desk of
LaTonya “LW” Washington

I feel just like you!  How in the world could a messed up girl be called to change an atmosphere?  Well, that is just what happens and causes us all to develop a tenacity to make a difference.

Whether called on a large or small scale, all is necessary to bring a world that has operated on an individual level to come together collectively and disrupt our norm.  There is no way I would have thought I’d take a business workshop, turn it into a tour that has hit Ohio, California, Texas, Georgia and next year the Continent of Africa.  You are called to do great things too, you simply have to take courage and make no excuses to why you can’t.  We hit Atlanta in 3 days and then Los Angeles September 16th!  WHAT!?!?!  Little ole LaTonya with a vision, created a mission, a strategy and went into execution MODE with the help of others.

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Stay Amazing!