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As a Platform Mentor and Founder of The International LIST Tour,  Profit Accelerator, a mastermind workshop for the entrepreneur and business owner looking to take their talent, master It and Profit, I have a knack for connecting with start-up and seasoned entrepreneurs.  Sometimes you just need to get over a hump and I’m here to help.  I am so passionate about motivating business professionals on how to leverage their God-given ability and obtain lucrative business results.

“My compassion for people is real…”  As a medical professional, I have 30 years of “people” experience, including LW Special Events Management and Real Talk the Movement.  It’s my mission to teach, mentor and empower others to be highly successful entrepreneurs.

 “Because I believe in community building…”, I have developed strategies, programs and events for the entrepreneur and business owner to launch their product and/or service in front of an audience that has the ability and willingness to purchase.  My message is for the entrepreneur and business owner who are willing to take the business world by storm!    Read the latest Write Up by Mogul In the Making by clicking HERE!


YOU READY TO LAUNCH?  You really don’t need a BIG LIST, you need the RIGHT PACKAGE!  Connect with me by clicking here and scheduling your appointment.  This is for the entrepreneur who is serious about business and is ready to make it happen! 

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Its Your Launch Party   

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